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The path of intimacy

Growing into love trough heart opening practices


The path of intimacy

Workshop on Heart-opening practices


When ?

From 3 to 8 of March 2023

Where ?

monte Mariposa, Portugal ( Algarve )

You will learn :

  • how to develop intimacy with yourself and with your partner
  • How to open your heart through Hridaya Meditation and Sufi techniques
  • How to connect with your body and its energies through Hatha Yoga
  • How to open your voice and express yourself freely (Bhajans)
  • How to communicate openly and with respect your needs and boundaries
  • How to embrace Sexual Energy with Awareness through Tantric practices
  • How to create and hold a sacred space in your relationships

Slogan :

  • “this retreat supports you to cultivate Love within your intimate relationship and with yourself !“


  • Xavier and Gesine have always been dreaming to live within a relationship that is rooted in a spiritual ground. A relationship that supports each individual to recognize and honor the Divine in the partner and thus in everything and all aspects of life. During the last 5 years they have been exploring the art of dancing together and offering each other to the rhythm of life without losing their deeper purpose: The openness of the Heart and the recognition of their True Nature! An intimate relationship is an invitation to continuously open your heart and remember to see each other in a fresh and loving way. But how to do that in the midst of a life that is fast, not always easy, and sometimes lacking that remembrance of the Sacred? Since many years, Xavier and Gesine have been receiving and exploring many beautiful tools that open the heart and invite to celebrate life in a playful and yet profound way. They are both teachers of “Hridaya - the Yoga of the spiritual Heart” and have been guiding many individuals on the Path of Love. They explored together a Tantric way of living and gathered many experiences in Self-Development , Relationship-building and Community-building. What has been the core insight in all these inner and outer adventures is that in order to trust deeply and dare to jump in an authentic relationship, one must be centered and clear with his/her own aspiration. One must know and love oneself first! From that common aspiration of opening to true love partners begin naturally to worship and honor each other! They naturally see the beauty of each ones Individual expression and at the same they recognize their common core – the Heart. In this workshop Xavier and Gesine will share with you how to develop self-love and how to consciously live within a relationship. You will learn practices that help to open your heart and become a vessel for universal Love to flow through you. You will also learn about the importance of polarity within an intimate relationship. How to develop it and how to understand your daily life dynamism through the play of polarity. This will support you profoundly in meeting each other in a conscious and loving way. They will share with you how to create a conscious and sacred container to explore sexuality and thus support each others opening into a true authenticity. You will receive techniques that support you in clear communication of your needs and boundaries and how to listen and receive the other from the heart. These 5 days will be a celebration of love and devotion for the Divine Light that shines in each of us!


Gesine Leicht
Gesine Leicht

Gesine dedicates her life to spirituality since 10 years. Her search has taken many forms. After a period of long meditation retreats, a longing surfaced in her to integrate and share the Grace that has touched her heart. Tantra, Hridaya, Astrology, Taoism, Shamanism, and the teachings of the Womb guided her in that process. Gesine came to understand that the spiritual path is a dance of a continuous dissolving and becoming. A constant death and rebirth. Since 2015 Gesine is part of the teaching team at Hridaya Yoga and shares the path of the spiritual Heart. In 2018 she began to offer astrological consultations. In 2019 through a period of shamanic training in Peru, she was drawn back into the Womb, which guided her to birth the offering of the Heart-Womb as an honoring of the Divine Feminine.

Xavier Lequarre
xavier lequarre

Xavier has dedicated his life to the practice of yoga and meditation for over 15 years. He teaches and shares these practices that have changed his relationship to the world and to creativity with great joy and enthusiasm. Also passionate about photography, he considers these moments in nature as a privileged opportunity to reconnect with himself and with all that lives and beyond the image itself, what appeals to him is above all the look of the observer.




Monte Mariposa



All included 5 night / 5 days of teachings

  • Multiple room : 590 Euros
  • Double room : 660 Euros
  • Single Room : 720 Euros 

More infos :

Open for couple and single persons

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