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Revealing your highest potential

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Into-Light is about

Getting in touch with the depth of our being

For thousands of years, Spiritual masters have been transmitting powerful teachings aimed at guiding us to the core of our Being. Along this spiritual journey, trough experience, it appears to me that we are much more than just this body and this mind. In the background of thoughts, stories, worries, projections, there is something that is always there, always quiet, always open … It said to be the light of what we are, Pure Consciousness. Through the exploration of different Yogic traditions and by the power of meditation, we are invited to dive into ourselves, discovering and becoming more familiar with this quiet presence, with our Essence…

Allowing spontaneity to take us in a creative flow

Once in touch with the ground of our Being, there is something in us that can express itself freely! We naturally come back to this place of fascination, playfulness and wonderment… If we allow the creative process to take us and really offer ourselves with no expectation, inspiration comes and takes us in this flow … In this freedom, there is playfulness and a pure joy… the joy of being


Healing trough listening, trusting and playing!

Most of our diseases come to teach us to listen, care and embrace life as a whole. Becoming more intimate with ourselves and connecting the different aspects of our Being will lead sooner or later to the full blossoming of our body, mind, and heart. Life is art and love its most profound expression ! Through Photography, we honour this process and celebrate the beauty of this world. Just by opening our hearts, our eyes will be in full wonderment and something in us will smile… That smile is enough, no expectation on the result… just that grace… So Let’s open ourselves and let the dance take us!

“Into-light is a sacred space that aims to support you in discovering, exploring and celebrating that inner light that shines in each of us.“


Reconnect with your inner light!

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Xavier Lequarré


Abundance, love and beauty have always been present in my life. At the age of 28 years old, when I was no longer grateful and took this for granted, life delivered a challenging sickness. I became almost blind and had to stop everything… No more work, no more sport, no more art, just staying at home with this question… Why ?

This sickness was the beginning of big shift in my life, of another journey… a journey into myself, a journey into this inner light that shines in each of us if we dare to see it….

In order to go deeper into myself, I participated in silent retreats like Vipassana and others types of solitary retreats. And as a result, with the helps of doctors and the love of my friends and family, I started to recover gently.

Sometimes life serves us challenges that are, in themselves, hidden gift… Quite simply, this event changed my life, revealing a deeper perspective of the many aspects of this existence. I was able to open myself more and more and now live this life with more wonderment and gratitude. Now, even when doubt and fears come back, I know that this light is there, … I just have to look into my heart…

This gave new orientation to my life … From that time, I aspire deeply to not forget, to look deeper and to see this light in each person, in each moment, in each breath.

The practice of meditation and yoga and as well other practices like Chi Gong, breath work and shamanic works are powerful tool that I like to explore and share ! Powerful transformations occur while practicing those “Arts”, especially if the practice is joyful and lived as a celebration.

I see the practice as an expression of presence and love, not as a means to reach a goal or that a “better me” is waiting in a so called future… Everything is here and now. If I can be quiet enough to see it, magic can happen.

I see Art as the result of this availability to What Is, sometimes it flows, sometimes not. It does not really matters… does it?

So if you feel that call to celebrate Life with no expectation, no direction other than the Joy of Now. To explore the Art of Listening to the silence that holds everything. To play like a child and let our deepest soul express and be fascinated by simple things, then let’s walk together… in the light that we are!

“What you are looking for is what is looking”

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Gratitude to my teachers

Jean Lechim, for having lighted the Yogic flame in me and being such an example of real dedication! Fallowing the Iyengar style with a subtle comprehension of the energies we have been studying together for 7 years. We’ve also sat a few Silent Retreat together. He was the first one to trust my abilities to teach and share the love for the practice.

Catherine Delorme, for introducing me to Tantric practices and rituals and being such an inspiring teacher! During the 2 Years Course together she taught me how to live an intimate relationship in a sacred way and invited me to contemplate on honesty and transparency with myself and others.

Bharath Shetty, my first Indian teacher, for having offered me an authentic deep-dive into the Indian tradition. He certified me in Mysore in 2014 as a Hatha Yoga Teacher (TTC 200 Hours).

Hareesh Wallis for his unique way to teach with so much passion and fire! During this 6-Month Immersion into the Tantric teachings of Kshemaraja, he invited me to explore with precision and depth the classical Shaiva Tantra and to set up a proper ground for powerful daily practice!

Eric Barret (Tantric Kashmirian tradition) for his discernment and the clarity of his teachings. He allowed me to understand and feel more deeply this body as a vibration. Thank you for pointing so directly to what Is.

David Lutt for introducing me to the wonderful practice of Thai massage and much more! Always looking deeper and in the same time enjoying every bit of the Present Moment, David is one of my Mentor’s, a Brother and a very beautiful Soul!

Sahajananda, the Founder of Hridaya Yoga, for reminding me constantly that I’m not the doer! Since 2015, we have been sharing a lot of time together serving and teaching in the Centre of Mexico and starting a new School in France. This immersion into Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Action) was for me a very direct way to surrender and live from the Heart, no matter what! In 2017, He certified me as a Hridaya Teacher in Yoga and Meditation (TTC 500 +100).

Adyashanti, a Zen master. His presence is radiating compassion and humbleness and the purity of his teachings are pointing so directly to Truth. Sitting in his Retreats was a very profound experience. He reminded me that it is not about doing but Being…

Alexandre DESCHAUMES for sharing with me his artistic genius and being an essential inspiration for my photographic work. The artistic process is a constant contemplation and I am so glad to keep this exploration with him in a complete authentic way!

Ramana Maharshi who I never physically met but who is such a profound inspiration beyond words. He’s revealing the teachings of the Heart in silence. Reminding me that all is just about listening…

Bio - quotes
« Let comes what comes, let goes what goes, and let see what remains… »

Ramana Maharshi

Silence contains everything that words can not express and in this space reside the greatest freedom …