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Conscious photography in the Mont Blanc Massif ( 6 days)

Spring Immersion - Photography - Presence and free expression

Conscious photography in the Mont Blanc Massif ( 6 days)

Spring Immersion - Photography - Presence and free expression

When ?

June 23 to 28, 2023 (6 days, 5 nights)

Where ?

Cordon , Haute-Savoie


  • Photographic exploration of one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps through immersive hikes.
  • Typical accommodations with breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc Massif 
  • A context of introspection that encourages artistic expression (yoga, Chi-Gong, conscious walking, cultivating presence and listening).
  • Photography: Alexandre Deschaumes' pro tips: image analysis and processing, feeling and advanced techniques.
  • Contemplating the creative process: what is it that really seeks expression within us?

You will learn

  • To taste the joy of presence in nature and in everyday life.
  • To reconnect with your center.
  • The basics and subtleties of nature photography.
  • A rediscovery of the intimacy and gentleness of life through moments of spontaneous sitting.

Quotes :

  • "Beyond technique, making motion pictures that tell a story requires a strong, honest connection with oneself."
  • “Put ourselves in tune with what's vibrating, what's alive, and from this space let beauty inspire us. “


Since 2014, Alexandre and Xavier have been exploring the world through photography and the study of living things. Coming from quite different horizons, they enjoy sharing, beating and inspiring each other on life's great subjects such as beauty, inspiration, grace, energy... presence... ect. More than a purely photographic quest, this is an inner quest, an exploration of the self and the world of emotions. From this space, when the flow is free, a form of spontaneity sets in and creativity is born... During these immersions in nature, if we're ready, we'll be able to recognize this beauty and express it, thanks to Alexandre's professional advice and Xavier's centering techniques. This alchemy between two people with a passion for images and life has already proved its worth! Since 2017, Xavier and Alexandre have been teaching and sharing their discoveries, and in this context, the members of the group become a source of inspiration for all, and the magic happens!


“Magnificent day of mindful photography with Alexandre and Xavier, who know perfectly how to pass on their passion with enthusiasm, patience and generosity. A delightful blend of technical sensations and conviviality, all in the midst of grandiose landscapes. Can't wait for the next session!”


“Depth, experience and authenticity are the words that describe it best. Thank you, Xavier!”


“Alexandre and Xavier are the perfect mix for an authentic, inspiring and nourishing trip.”


“Several photographic workshops in consciousness with Xavier have enabled me, step by step, to find the courage to open a door to a path I didn't dare take. Xavier gave me the desire to taste a new paradigm and the strength perhaps to break out of erroneous patterns of consciousness. He also instilled in me that kindly look, that touch of tolerance when the sacred fire seems to disappear, when doubt creeps in, when confidence falters. He reminded me that the marvellous is in the little things, and the joy of marvelling at the immensity.”

Marie Laure

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Xavier Lequarre: Yoga and Mediation Teacher
xavier lequarre

Xavier has been dedicating his life to the practice of yoga and meditation for over 15 years. He teaches and shares these practices, which have changed his relationship with the world and creativity, with great joy and enthusiasm. Equally passionate about photography, he considers these moments in nature as a privileged opportunity to reconnect with himself and with all that lives, and beyond the image itself, what appeals to him above all is the observer's gaze. the observer's gaze.

Alexandre Deschaumes : Photographer

Alexandre made a name for himself in 2010 with his dreamlike nature photographs. He refines his aesthetic eye, inspired by the painters, with an emphasis on textures and the possibility of truly "connecting" a person to an atmosphere. Co-director of the film "La quète d'inspiration" in 2012 and author of the book "Voyage étheré" in 2016 , he has also directed numerous photo workshops since 2008, in the Alps, Iceland and Patagonia.




Accommodation is included in the price.

Photos and more info on the location:


6 days / 5 nights: from 950 Euros to 1350 Euros

Multiple room (3-4 people): 950 Euros

Double room: 1150 Euros

Single room: 1350 Euros

10% discount for former trainees

100 euro discount for couples

cumulative offer


  • Date : 6 Days - 5 nights (arrival on Friday, June 23rd 4pm - departure on Wednesday, June 28th late morning)
  • Location : Cordon
  • Number of participants:5 to 12 people
  • Food and beverages : Included except alcoholic beverages
  • Total price (all inclusive): €950 (multiple room)
  • Options: double room €1150 - private room €1350

Equipment required:

  • Camera, lenses, tripod (loan of equipment possible, we are equipped with Canon). No deposit required, but a certificate of civil liability.
  • Hiking equipment: walking shoes, rucksack, warm, waterproof clothing, waterproof boots (can be loaned, a precise list will be sent to you).
  • Yoga mat, meditation cushion (available on loan)

Registration form :

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