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Yoga & Meditation

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Unify your body, mind, heart and celebrate the light that you are

The light of awareness…

What is meditation ?

We can see Meditation as the Pure Expression of What We Are, as a natural state of Being. During our Classes, Workshops and Retreats, we will approach spiritual practices as a way of remembering our Essence from the perspective of our Essence itself. We are part of a greater organism and from this intimate connection with ourselves, we will rediscover and celebrate our world with a new light: the Light of Awareness.

The light of awareness…

What is yoga ?

  • Yoga means union
  • Yoga is a celebration
  • Yoga is living the sacredness in everything
  • Yoga is stillness in movement
  • Yoga is purifying the body, mind and heart
  • Yoga is exploring energies and going beyond
  • Yoga is a meditation
  • Yoga is an offering
  • Yoga is love for what Is


I'm happy to offer you private coaching and design together a Program that is the best for you! Together we will choose the number of sessions, the contents and the frequency. Meditation, Yoga and also Self Enquiry will be the central pillars of our Program, yet leaving infinite space for creation. We will let our intuition guide us to find a practice that is always alive and spontaneous, yet regular and profound.



Workshops are offered over a few days to offer you a chance to dedicate yourself to the practice and to discover the fruits of a more intense rhythm. Generally I like to combine the power of Meditation and Yoga with a specific topic (communication, photography, nutrition,…) and sometimes with the contribution of another teacher.


Silent meditation retreats

A few times per year, I like to invite you for a deeper moment of practice. Retreat is a chance to really drop everything and just be with yourself in silence. Of course, I will offer you the proper container to be supported and guided in the process. If you are a beginner, a 3 day Silent Retreat is a good start. Generally Retreats are designed on a 10 day basis. I see this program as a strong foundation to go even deeper in the exploration our deeper Self. Here you will dive more deeply into presence and allow the echoes to take you back home, in your Heart.

« Let comes what comes, let goes what goes, and let see what remains… »
Ramana Maharshi
Silence contains everything that words can not express and in this space reside the greatest freedom …